If you know the Pokemon Spoink, you know that for some reason it needs to jump to let its heart beat. What's darker than that? Making that into a game mechanic.

Use arrow keys to move, up arrow to jump. You cannot walk, you can only move while jumping.

Press Space to use a psychic attack which is controlled with the left and right arrows, and canceled by pressing space again.

You have a heartrate meter which is constantly going down, and raises every time you jump. Try to keep it in the middle, because going into the blue or red has negative effects. One of which being death.

When you get damaged, your heartrate spikes and you lose blood. With less blood to pump, it takes more effort to raise your heartrate, so if it goes too low you might just end up racing the clock.

A game design idea that is more entertaining as a concept than a full game. I'm leaving it as a single level because any level design won't make the gameplay any more odd.

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